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Web Development

How to repair a Glue Table suffering from HIVE_PARTITION_SCHEMA_MISMATCH errors.

How to lower your AWS CloudTrail bill.

Notes and troubleshooting for AWS API Gateway Stages

The ethos of personal documentation. What it is, why you should do it, and suggested methods.

If you want to be able to transfer your Markdown files between different static site generators it's important to have some reliable standards.

Prevent fonts from render-blocking in React with Fontsource

Getting hash links (IE anchor links) to function with React-Router v6

Finding the proper format of the html 5 video embed element to play correctly on all devices

Using a combination of S3 events, SQS and Glue SDK to make lightning fast automated Glue Data Catalog partition updates

Creating a CI/CD Pipeline for a dockerized React application that triggers from Github and pushes built files into S3 Bucket, using CodePipeline

Learning a few of the gotchas while integrating Sentry error reporting tool

How to quickly and easily switch between Yarn and NPM package managers in Node

Merging Arrays of Objects. Delete all instances of key. Rename keys. Build new Array using Accessor. Sort Objects by property value. Etc...

I've discovered something magical, useMemo can return objects full of functions that can be destructured.

Methods to convert data into hierarchical format for D3 charts.

Taking what we learned about circular charts to examine and implement a Sunburst chart in D3

A scaffold for a responsive D3 chart in React with Redux

Drawing circular charts like pie and sunburst requires arcs, radians and ordinal scales

Containerizing applications for cross-compatibility across machines.

Additional table customization not mentioned in documentation. Data formatting, combining custom props.