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Ideal export settings to inline SVG graphics for websites and React components

Samples of work I completed at Burley. Photography, packaging, concept art, technical illustrations and manuals, print collateral etc.

A roundup of some of the logos that i've created for various businesses or products.

Displacement maps are how you make text and logos look like they are printed on a textured surface in a mockup.

Adding a texture to a vector in Adobe Illustrator for a cool semi-transparent effect.

How to completely disable object snapping in Adobe Illustrator.

Apply a texture brush to a vector in Photoshop to give your vectors a weathered look.

Wrapping text around a custom shape in Adobe Illustrator.

Just a couple of little things to make life easier in InDesign.

How to target and adjust specific hues in Photoshop. For when that red scarf needs to be blue.

Masking a photo with a complex shape is a bit tricky in InDesign, but it is possible.

If you did a studio shoot and didn't adjust your white balance correctly at the time, here is how you fix it in post.

Editing product photos using clipping paths is bad practice, and here is why.

I see a lot of bad drop shadows out there. This tutorial shows you how to make them properly.