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Eugene, OR
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Former Marketing Manager and now Full Stack Web Developer. I'm a fan of clean design and good documentation. This personal site is mostly for myself to keep notes on the things I learn over time. Some articles are long and complete, others aren't 🤷‍♂️. I also showcase a couple of my projects here. This is a JAM stack site. More on that below. In my spare time I like gardening, jiu-jitsu and learning new things.

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This is a JAM stack site. It serves pre-rendered files directly from a CDN, completely removing the server from the equation. It's very fast and very secure. Take note of how quickly all the pages load . This particular site is built with the following technologies:
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work samples

Burley has been selling high quality bicycle transportation gear for over 40 years and is sold in over 20 countries worldwide. This WooCommerce based site handles hundreds of products and millions of dollars in revenue. Features include a dealer finder with hundreds of locations, a customer knowledge base, multilingual translation, reviews integration and more. If you want to see my burley work that isn't website related go here .
amazon corner
Amazon Corner is a mixed commercial and residential property with 117 high end apartments and 4 commercial spaces on the ground floor. This was a full branding project that included logo and style guide, photography, videography and website. The building has been at full occupancy since 2019.
frosty cms
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Frosty CMS is a blog CMS built from scratch with Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose and Passport. It has CRUD operations for posts and comments, user authentication and roles, flash notifications and a back-end dashboard with modular functionality based on your user role. You can read more about it in the final recap or check out the repo.