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Useful native methods for arrays and strings in JavaScript that help with common tasks like sorting, searching, and manipulating data.

What is dynamic programming? Learn about dynamic programming algorithms, recursive functions, recursive backtracking.

Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees, Heaps, Priority Queues, Hash Tables, Graphs, Union-Find (Disjoint Set)

Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Heap Sort, Bubble Sort, etc...

IE Sliding Window, Two Pointers etc. Most algorithms can be categorized into 5 problem-solving patterns that help in identifying the optimal solution.

IE Brute Force, Greedy, Backtracking etc. A paradigm is a general approach or method used to design and implement algorithms to solve computational problems.

Things like common variables that make it easier read, memorize, and understand algorithms.

Binary Search, Linear Search, Jump Search, etc etc.

Understanding time and space complexity is crucial for analyzing the efficiency of algorithms.

React Testing Library notes and sample tests.

Integrating React Testing Library into a docusaurus project using Jest as the test runner, while also using TypeScript.

How to install and configure Jest for your JavaScript and TypeScript projects. Packages, configuration files, and running tests within a Docker container.

Let's review some popular testing frameworks and compare their features.

Let's talk about how to create and publish an npm package.

Implementing TypeScript in React with props, state, hooks and more.

I couldn't find a simple list of all available top level domain in a good format, so I made one.

Part 14 of a series on TypeScript, covering modules and namespaces.

Part 13 of a series on TypeScript, covering advanced types.

Part 12 of a series on TypeScript, covering utility types.

Part 11 of a series on TypeScript, covering generics and decorators.