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Some Lambda boilerplate for consistency and speed.

Integrating Sentry into your AWS Lambda functions to track errors and crashes

How to correctly pass errors from Lambda to API Gateway to prevent Status 200 responses on errors

Various Lambda examples to reference. Calling DynamoDB and other microservices.

How to package and upload dependencies to a Lambda function so that you can use external libraries like Axios

Using API Gateway and Lambda functions to delete data from a DynamoDB database.

Adding and removing attribute values from data travelling in and out of DynamoDB. Using SDK Document Client to automate this process.

Using Lambda functions to retrieve data from a DynamoDB database and then pass it back through API Gateway.

An Introduction to AWS DynamoDB, the AWS NoSQL database. Interacting with a DynamoDB using Lambda.

Taking path parameters into account with our resources.

Adding data to our HTTP requests and responses

AWS Lambda is a micro-service that lets you run code without servers.