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How to use stage variables to point to different versions of your lambda functions

Notes and troubleshooting for AWS API Gateway Stages

How to correctly pass errors from Lambda to API Gateway to prevent Status 200 responses on errors

A reference of common general terminology used in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

How to properly configure requests to the Amazon Advertising API. Sample requests in Postman.

A reference for common Integration Request mapping template variables

Introduction to API Authorization and Authentication

Using API Gateway and Lambda functions to delete data from a DynamoDB database.

Using Lambda functions to retrieve data from a DynamoDB database and then pass it back through API Gateway.

An Introduction to AWS DynamoDB, the AWS NoSQL database. Interacting with a DynamoDB using Lambda.

Taking path parameters into account with our resources.

Using data models to validate our HTTP requests.

Adding data to our HTTP requests and responses

Staging and deploying our new serverless API

An introduction to Cross Origin Resource Sharing

An introduction to working with AWS API Gateway

Creating an API server and then interacting with it using Axios and Redux Actions to save data to a database.

Re-using our dropdown component and Google Translate API to create a translation widget. Throttling the API requests with debounced text.

Throttling API requests to prevent request on every key-press.

We expand on our knowledge of React hooks by using the useEffect hook to create a Wikipedia search bar.