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Storing TipTap Editor State in Redux with Debouncing to persist editor state in a performant manner.

Getting up to speed with modern Redux methods.

Saving specific pieces of our Redux state in localStorage so that they are persistent upon browser refresh in React.

Refactoring a Redux-Form into a standalone component with onSubmit actions passed in as props.

Changing the GUI elements that are visible to a user based on their ID. CRUD operations will only be available to Stream author.

Using our Redux actions to fetch the list of streams from the API server and display them in a list.

Introduction to object based reducers in Redux.

Creating an API server and then interacting with it using Axios and Redux Actions to save data to a database.

Using the often maligned Redux-Form library to manage integration between forms and Redux. Will I regret this?

Creating a validation list for React-Redux with fixed action types.

Integrating Google OAuth with Redux so that user authentication data is available globally.

Preventing repetitive API requests by creating a new action called fetchPostsAndUser to store author data before header component loads.

Fetching author data by matching author ID from posts in a React-Redux based blog app.

Covers file structure, action creators, reducers, combining reducers, provider & connect. Sample app with a song list built with Redux data. Updating state with action creators.

How to fetch data from an API inside React using Redux and Redux-Thunk. Using that data to display a list of blog posts.

Explains the Redux cycle in a React app. Redux replaces the standard state cycle in a React app, making it more manageable for large applications. Covers Actions, Action Creators, Dispatch, Reducers, State and Redux Store.