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Verify and Decode AWS Cognito JWT Tokens in a React Application.

How to run your React application with https on localhost using a tool called mkcert

Cognito workflow diagrams. Token samples. Token exchange code samples. Useful API methods.

Introduction to API Authorization and Authentication

Fine-tuning IAM permissions between Lambda functions and DynamoDB

An introduction to Cross Origin Resource Sharing

Introduction to AWS IAM account security and permissions system. AWS account security.

Setting up a classic load balancer and security groups for a React application on AWS

Integrating Google OAuth with Redux so that user authentication data is available globally.

How to prevent Cross-site Scripting in React Applications

Environment variables are how you keep credentials like API keys secret when you upload your code to a public repository.

Creating nested REST routes to edit and delete comments. Restricting access to routes based on user role.

Creating four user roles with varying permissions and abilities in Frosty CMS

Checking if user is authorized to edit content by comparing user ID to author ID. Creating middleware function, and dynamic GUI controls based on ID.

Implementing user authentication in an Express application using Passport JS. Setting up login and registration forms, authentication routes, and template modification based on authentication.

Anytime a user can input text data we have to sanitize the input so that they don't inject anything malicious, like a script to drop the database. This is how we sanitize inputs in Express.

What is SSH? How does it work? This post will answer these questions and go over practical examples of how to use SSH on Mac OS X and PC.