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Docusaurus v2 Notes


Some notes on Docusaurus v2.


Post Date and File Structure

In Docusaurus post dates are not extracted from YAML frontmatter, but instead are taken from the .md filename.

├── 2021-08-01-mdx-blog-post.mdx
├── 2021-08-26-welcome
│ ├── docusaurus-plushie-banner.jpeg
│ └──
└── authors.yml

Also note that markdown files can be grouped in folders with images or not.


Author info is extracted from the yml file shown above which takes this format

name: Nicholas Coughlin
title: Founder @

and is then referenced in the yml frontmatter for a post.

slug: welcome
title: Welcome
authors: [nick]
tags: [facebook, hello, docusaurus]


The docs are generated from the docs folder and items there take this file structure

├── tutorial-basics
│ ├── _category_.json
│ ├──
│ ├──
│ ├──
│ ├──
│ ├──
│ └── markdown-features.mdx
└── tutorial-extras
├── _category_.json
├── img
│ ├── docsVersionDropdown.png
│ └── localeDropdown.png

And from this it's not clear how these items are ordered in the sidebar. That is done with frontmatter in the files
sidebar_position: 1

and that position is relative to it's location, so if it's a markdown file in one of the folders, it would be the position of the item in that folder.

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