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Training a linear learner model in SageMaker Studio with built in algorithms

Using Sagemaker and Sagemaker studio to launch Jupyter notebook instances, build, train and deploy a machine learning model.

Notes on various sagemaker algorithms. Pre-processing, training, validation acceptable data formats etc.

How to package and upload dependencies to a Lambda function so that you can use external libraries like Axios

A reference for common Integration Request mapping template variables

Creating a React CI/CD Pipeline for a React application that triggers from Github and pushes built files into S3 Bucket

Verify and Decode AWS Cognito JWT Tokens in a React Application.

Cognito workflow diagrams. Token samples. Token exchange code samples. Useful API methods.

Introduction to API Authorization and Authentication

Using API Gateway and Lambda functions to delete data from a DynamoDB database.

Adding and removing attribute values from data travelling in and out of DynamoDB. Using SDK Document Client to automate this process.

Fine-tuning IAM permissions between Lambda functions and DynamoDB

Using Lambda functions to retrieve data from a DynamoDB database and then pass it back through API Gateway.

An Introduction to AWS DynamoDB, the AWS NoSQL database. Interacting with a DynamoDB using Lambda.

Taking path parameters into account with our resources.

Using data models to validate our HTTP requests.

Adding data to our HTTP requests and responses

Staging and deploying our new serverless API

AWS Lambda is a micro-service that lets you run code without servers.

An introduction to Cross Origin Resource Sharing