Notes on Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a front end framework that consists solely of CSS and Javascript. As such it can be developed and run directly in the browser without the need of a local server stack to generate pages. It can be integrated with a CMS that does require a stack, but at it’s core level does not require this.

When you download Bootstrap 4 you will get some CSS files, some Javascript files and several .map files. The .map files are a file that help your browser identify an item in the .min file and tell you where it is located in the non minified CSS or JS file. Therefore if you are not using the .min files (which you don’t have to) you can also delete the .map files.

Installation: Simply drag the CSS and Javascript files into the root of your project and then reference them in the html files. Just like you would reference a CSS or JS file (because that is what you are doing.)

At it’s core Bootstrap is just a bunch of pre-written CSS classes that you can reference.

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