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AWS API Gateway: Deployment



Before we go any further with this project let us first deploy this API so that it is publicly available. Once the API is publicly available we will be able to test it outside of the AWS console with tools like Postman, and also with an actual application.


To start the deployment find the option under Actions > Deploy API

deploy action

and then we will automatically be brought into our version control section.

deploy stage

This makes sense because the API is existing outside of our actual codebase, unlike if we were making an Express server. We need to be able to keep track of our changes and test the API in multiple environments.

Once you deploy that you will be given a URL that you can use to access the API


and then if we go into postman and test that by sending a POST request to our route we can see that we get back our Lambda message successfully.

api is public

Which means that we have successfully made our API public.

Another reason that it is important to test the API resources on the public facing version, is to troubleshoot any CORS errors that may occur. Those won’t show up in the API Gateway console tests.

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