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React-Router v6 Hash Links


React-Router does not have built in functionality to handle Hash Links, also known as Anchor Links. Hash links navigate to a specific element on a page by targeting the element id.

Previously this issue was dealt with using a package called react-router-hash-link.

That package doesn't appear to be compatible with react-router-v6 however.

Because i'm not a fan of installing unnecessary packages anyways, i've created a component that solves this issue.

Scrolling itself is provided by the native browser method Element.scrollIntoView()

I've created a Github repo for this component: github: Ncoughlin: ScrollToHashElement

So please check there to make sure you are getting the most recent version of this component, it's possible there will be improvements on this over time.


import { useMemo, useEffect } from "react";
import { useLocation } from "react-router-dom";

const ScrollToHashElement = () => {
let location = useLocation();

let hashElement = useMemo(() => {
let hash = location.hash;
const removeHashCharacter = (str) => {
const result = str.slice(1);
return result;

if (hash) {
let element = document.getElementById(removeHashCharacter(hash));
return element;
} else {
return null;
}, [location]);

useEffect(() => {
if (hashElement) {
behavior: "smooth",
// block: "end",
inline: "nearest",
}, [hashElement]);

return null;

export default ScrollToHashElement;


Just place this component anywhere in the application and it will work passively in the background.

import React from "react";
// components
import ScrollToHashElement from "./ScrollToHashElement";
import Header from "./Header";
import Content from "./Content";

const App = () => {
return (
<div className="grid">
<ScrollToHashElement />
<Header />
<Content />

export default App;

You can create React-Router links as you normally would. For example a link to a hash element on the homepage would look like this

<Link to="/#delightful-visualization">Delightful Visualization</Link>

or this

<Link to="#delightful-visualization">Delightful Visualization</Link>

a sub page like this

<Link to="/about#story">Our Story</Link>

Scroll Behavior

Scroll behavior such as smooth scroll can be easily modified by changing the options in the useEffect portion of the component

behavior: "smooth",
// block: "end",
inline: "nearest",

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