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Amazon Ads: Invite User To Account


Frequently there is a need to invite new users to help manage an Amazon Advertising account. A common use case would be if a seller hired an agency to help them manage their accounts, or a new employee on a marketing team has been hired.

Instead of giving the person who needs access your own login information (which you should NEVER do) you can instead add them as a user to the advertising account. Not only that, but you have 3 levels of access to choose from.

Access LevelPermissions
AdminAll the permissions of an Editor plus the ability to add/remove other users and change payment setting
EditorFull access to view, create, update and delete advertisements. Can use 3rd Party Software to access data via API.
ViewerCan only view advertising data. Cannot change advertisements in any way

⚠️ Note that if you use a 3rd party software tool to access your advertising data, you will need a minimum permission level of Editor

Log In

login to amazon advertising

Go To Administration

Navigate to the administration menu at the bottom of the sidebar and click on Access and Settings

access and settings

This will bring up the users list for the advertising profile. Then click on Invite User

invite user

Select Permissions

Next you can enter the name, email and access level for the user you are adding.

access level

Accepting Invitation

The user who has been invited to the advertising profile will receive an email where they must accept the invitation

accept invitation

Additional Notes

As a general security practice it is best to give users the least amount of privileges required to do their job. You can always change their permissions later. You can also remove a user from your advertising profile at any time.

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