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TypeScript: Type Guards/Narrowing

Type Guards/Narrowing

Type guards are a way to narrow down the type of a variable. This is useful when you want different behaviour depending on the type of a variable.


The instanceof operator is used to check whether an object is an instance of a class or an instance of a subclass thereof. This type guard is particularly useful when dealing with class hierarchies.

class Bird {
fly() {

class Fish {
swim() {

function move(animal: Bird | Fish) {
if (animal instanceof Bird) {;
} else if (animal instanceof Fish) {

const tweety = new Bird();
move(tweety); // Outputs: Flying


The typeof operator is a JavaScript operator that is also available in TypeScript. It's used to determine the type of a primitive value.

function padLeft(value: string, padding: string | number) {
if (typeof padding === "number") {
return Array(padding + 1).join(" ") + value;
return padding + value;

console.log(padLeft("Hello", 4)); // Outputs: " Hello"


Using equality checks (like === or !==) can act as a type guard by comparing values and their types. This can be used to narrow types from unions in conditional branches.

type StringOrNumber = string | number;

function printId(id: StringOrNumber) {
if (id === "admin") {
console.log("User is an admin.");
} else if (id === 0) {
console.log("User ID is 0.");

printId("admin"); // Outputs: User is an admin.


In TypeScript, you can use the truthiness of a value to perform type narrowing. This is useful to check for non-null, non-undefined, or truthy values.

function printName(name: string | undefined) {
if (name) {
} else {
console.log("No name provided");

printName("Alice"); // Outputs: Alice
print, Name(undefined); // Outputs: No name provided

Type Predicates

Type predicates are functions that return a boolean value. They are used to narrow the type of a variable.

function isString(value: unknown): value is string {
return typeof value === 'string';

function example(x: unknown) {
if (isString(x)) {
// We can now call any 'string' method on 'x'.
} else {

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