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Terminal Commands Reference

System Info

  • man (Manual) man command – show the manual for command
  • clear Clears information on the display screen to provide a blank slate
  • date show the current date and time
  • cal show this months calendar
  • w display who is online
  • whoami who you are logged in as
  • ls -l Displays a long list vertically with file permissions, date modified and file name (linux)
  • ls -la Displays all files (linux)
  • ls -al formatted listing with hidden files (linux)
  • cd Change Directory
  • cd ~ Return to home directory
  • .. Go up one level / directory

File Manipulation

  • mkdir dir create directory dir
  • touch filename.extension Make a new file of filename at current location. Extension must be included.
  • rm file delete file
  • rm -r dir delete directory dir
  • rm -f file force remove file
  • rm -rf dir force remove directory dir


  • ssh user@host connect to host as user
  • ssh -p port user@host connect to host on port port as user
  • ssh-copy-id user@host – add your key to host for user to enable a keyed or password-less login


David Baumgold: command line tutorial

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