Web Development

Intercepting the default form behaviour. Sending information from child (form) to parent (App) by invoking callback functions.

In uncontrolled elements the value is stored in the DOM, in controlled elements the value is stored in the application inside the component with state.

Handling user input into a form asynchronously with onInputChange method

Moving Components out of the source directory into their own directory.

Moving conditional statements outside of the render function in React components.

How to change the className of a component based on a set of conditions, which results in conditional styling of components.

How to set a default value for a prop in React

How to pass State into a child component as a prop.

Introduction to the React Component lifecycle. componentDidMount and other component lifecycle functions

Error handling variable in State. Displaying error message conditionally and DRY using components and if/else statement

Explaining the rules and benefits of Class Components. Introduction to State.

Learning to nest, re-use and configure Components. Components are configured with props. Re-usable components keep code DRY

The very basics of React. Importing React and React-DOM. What are components. The difference between JSX and HTML

The basics of Object Oriented Programming in Javascript. This, Call, Apply, Bind & New. Object creation, constructor function, instances and prototype.

Implementing image uploads in Frosty CMS using Multer and Cloudinary.

Flash messages notify the user about various things as they interact with the application. For example if a login failed, why it failed.

Environment variables are how you keep credentials like API keys secret when you upload your code to a public repository.

Creating nested REST routes to edit and delete comments. Restricting access to routes based on user role.

Middleware functions can be refactored into their own module to DRY up routes.

Creating four user roles with varying permissions and abilities in Frosty CMS