Web Development

Setting up a classic load balancer and security groups for a React application on AWS

Containerizing applications for cross-compatibility across machines.

An overview of the micro-services offered by AWS

How to create background images in a React application.

A collection of useful code snippets.

The new context system in React. Deprecated syntax, new syntax.

Implementing the video part of our Twitch clone. RTMP server, FLV player, structural overview.

Router switches help us solve the problem of wildcard routes rendering undesired components from fixed routes.

Modals can be surprisingly tricky in React, but there is a good way to make them using Portals.

Refactoring a Redux-Form into a standalone component with onSubmit actions passed in as props.

Components must fetch their own data and not rely on the store holding data from any previous location.

Forcibly navigate the user through the application based on triggers.

Creating Route Parameters with React-Router, URL Variables.

Changing the GUI elements that are visible to a user based on their ID. CRUD operations will only be available to Stream author.

Using our Redux actions to fetch the list of streams from the API server and display them in a list.

Introduction to object based reducers in Redux.

Creating an API server and then interacting with it using Axios and Redux Actions to save data to a database.

Using the often maligned Redux-Form library to manage integration between forms and Redux. Will I regret this?

Creating a validation list for React-Redux with fixed action types.