Best Web Development Resources 2016

Here is my 2016 list of preferred web development resources for Windows:

Virtual Server:

When you are developing the site you will need a virtual server to test your site files, either on your local machine or in the cloud. One of the easiest and best virtual servers that you can get on a local machine is WAMP. WAMP creates a virtual server on your machine that runs Apache2, PHP and MySQL. Depending on what your Content Management System is for your website though, you will end up needing to do a lot of configurations (adding extras).

For this reason it is easiest to install WAMP or your CMS using a stack (software bundle). Bitnami has a host of amazing stacks that will also install a virtual server environment for you. So if you are working with WordPress for example you don’t have to install WAMP, but just the Bitnami WordPress Stack. You can also install WAMP with lots of extras pre-loaded with the Bitnami WAMP Stack.

bitnami stacks

Bitnami has stacks (bundled software installations) for tons of common web development CMS’s and tools.


gitkracken logo

GitKraken easily the most functional and best looking GIT GUI available on PC. Available for Linux, PC and Mac!


Cheat Sheet:  is rocking the best cheat sheet.


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