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Bulk Geocoding: Texas A&M Geoservices Is Awesome


If you are wondering why you would ever need this, if you find yourself building or updating a dealer finder for a website, odds are you will need to get the latitude and longitude for hundreds of locations. You can do this by hand manually using Google Maps, or you can find a way to do them in bulk automatically.

If you are trying to batch geocode addresses for any reason, Texas A&M Geoservices is awesome and free up to 2500 address currently.

texas a&m geoservices home screen screenshot

They also have an excellent list of other services that provide batch geocoding as well as the limit on free coding, whether an API is required etc.

Make an account on their site, upload a csv file and then run the service. No problems. I just geocoded 350+ addresses with no API license in about 5 minutes.

spreadsheet screen shot

NOTE: If you are using this geocode data to populate a dealer finder or other map that runs off the Google Maps API, definitely check the accuracy of these. I’ve found that they don’t match up that accurately with the google location. Unfortunately Google maps recently updated their policy to restrict the batch output of geocode data as text. So if you are matching this up to a google based map, you will unfortunately have to gather the data points by hand…

There is probably a maps plugin that will automate this, but i’m not aware of one at this point.

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