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Javascript Notes – Methods

This post will cover some of the basic uses methods of Javascript. Methods are useful pieces of code that are baked right into Javascript that you can recall.


The alert method is the single worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the internet. It creates annoying pop-up windows that have been used by scammers and advertisers forever. And yet, they still exist…

They really are…


Similar to alert, this opens a pop-up window, but it includes an input field and asks the user for a specific piece of information. For example:

and the input will be added to the console

This would actually get useful when you can assign variables to the user prompt such as:

Clever girl…


The ethical younger brother of alert(). This logs something in the console.

clear ()

this will simply clear the console to give you clean working space. There is no useful way to screenshot this because I will just be showing a clear console…

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