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Javascript Notes – Loops

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DRY code is an acronym for Don’t Repeat Yourself. It describes the philosophy of writing code intelligently with loops instead of typing out repetitive code over and over.


while(someCondition ) { 
//run some code

Adding to the count

For example if we want to run a simple loop that counts to ten we could do the following:

What if we wanted to add more than 1 to the count, what if we wanted to add 2?

We set count+=2

Printing each character in a string



This takes advantage of the .length property and another big concept which is the [indexwhich will select whichever character or object from an array that is defined by the brackets.

Some additional examples:


for(init; condition; step){

// run some code


Here are some samples of basic for loops:


forEach loops are a method of arrays and are therefore covered in the Arrays Post