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Multiple Linear-Regression

Training a linear learner model in SageMaker Studio with built in algorithms

Using Sagemaker and Sagemaker studio to launch Jupyter notebook instances, build, train and deploy a machine learning model.

Notes on various sagemaker algorithms. Pre-processing, training, validation acceptable data formats etc.

A reference of common general terminology used in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

How to properly configure requests to the Amazon Advertising API. Sample requests in Postman.

Ideal export settings to inline SVG graphics for websites and React components

How to package and upload dependencies to a Lambda function so that you can use external libraries like Axios

A reference for common Integration Request mapping template variables

The basics of testing React applications using Jest.

Getting up to speed with modern Redux methods.

Creating a React CI/CD Pipeline for a React application that triggers from Github and pushes built files into S3 Bucket

Saving specific pieces of our Redux state in localStorage so that they are persistent upon browser refresh in React.

Verify and Decode AWS Cognito JWT Tokens in a React Application.

How to run your React application with https on localhost using a tool called mkcert

Cognito workflow diagrams. Token samples. Token exchange code samples. Useful API methods.

Introduction to API Authorization and Authentication

Using API Gateway and Lambda functions to delete data from a DynamoDB database.

Adding and removing attribute values from data travelling in and out of DynamoDB. Using SDK Document Client to automate this process.

Fine-tuning IAM permissions between Lambda functions and DynamoDB