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Using the often maligned Redux-Form library to manage integration between forms and Redux. Will I regret this?

Creating a validation list for React-Redux with fixed action types.

Integrating Google OAuth with Redux so that user authentication data is available globally.

Introduction to user authentication in React using Google OAuth

Starting our Twitch Clone project by introducing React-Router

If you are getting a lighthouse warning that you should remove unused Javascript you are probably incorrectly importing a library like lodash. Here is a solution

Creating custom React Hooks.

The theory behind navigation in a React application without using React-Router

Re-using our dropdown component and Google Translate API to create a translation widget. Throttling the API requests with debounced text.

Introducing the useRef hook to create a dropdown in React.

Throttling API requests to prevent request on every key-press.

How to prevent Cross-site Scripting in React Applications

We expand on our knowledge of React hooks by using the useEffect hook to create a Wikipedia search bar.

Introduction to Hooks for functional components. Using state in functional components to toggle an accordion.

Showing or hiding the Table Of Contents, depending on whether it exists or not.

Samples of work I completed at Burley. Photography, packaging, concept art, technical illustrations and manuals, print collateral etc.

A roundup of some of the logos that i've created for various businesses or products.

A final recap of the Frosty CMS project, features, screenshots etc.

Querying for a specific Strapi post using GraphQL query variables.